Will the real me, please stand up?

I'm the real me

So this past weekend, I took time to play on the internet and change every username I’m currently using in to one simple username: tonicarringer

No more quiltingpirate or sunflwgal

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I didn’t realized how easy it was to change names, so everywhere my name is the same….. pinterest, facebook, instagram, periscope, twitter and ravelry (well, apparently I’m tonicarringer1 there because I originally set it up with my name and now I can’t access it).

I was asked the question So what inspired you to reclaim your own name?” over the weekend regarding this recent change of my online identity.  I actually have to ponder the answer to be sure I was doing it for the right reasons.

My responses was:  “I’ve been interneting for over 16 years, through that time I’ve been blogging, creating webpages during different “phases” of trying to be something that others would “follow” me, feeding my own self worth thru and to be honest – being popular.

Sunflwgal was my first go to persona because I love sunflowers, next was quiltingpirate because I was a rennie and a quilter. Yet, as I’ve “matured” (using it lightly) I realize I’m not being real to me.

I need to regather all my personas and be the one real me. I’m here to inspire not be “liked”. I do want my personal relationship and business relationships separate so I can still have some personal intimacies.

Over the past 4 months of empty nester syndrome, I’ve had to grow into who I am now and where I want to be. How is my life working for me, what is my purpose and how do I use it for others. ….

I’m still working through my own answers, but as of today I’m happy to know I’m the real me (aka Toni)

My original blog is still up and I might move it here as well, yet you can see it at The Quilting Pirate I didn’t realize it but it covers 6 years.

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