The Unorthodox Coach

That is what I’m calling myself….the Unorthodox Coach.  I laugh every time I get an email because I’m a Beachbody Coach – – yet, I have still to make it through the 21 Day Fix completely!

Yep, you read that right?  I haven’t completely worked through one set of 21 days – exercise, food, shakeology, and water.  Crazy right?  NO!!

My journey started last year in March when I was first introduced to the program and thought sure I’ll try it – spend a little money – well, a bit more than a little – an investment for motivation – so I thought.  Yeah, I like the Shakeology part easy enough – it’s awesome chocolate fuel!  But committing to the menu planning and the exercise wasn’t want I wanted to do in March 2015.  So, life moved on as I did working to get my real life job (I own a quilt and yarn shop) up and running strong.

Then I started Periscoping (thanks to Kim Garst) in January 2015 and meet my current coach Erin Lewis.  What drew me to her was her business concept of Faith, Food, Fitness, and Freedom.  Faith was the key here.  She really stuck a cord with my own spiritual walk and how am I being uneffective in serving others if I’m not taking care of myself.

So, step by step I’ve started to make changes.  Here is how some of the process took place:

  • I started drinking my expected required water (half body weight in lbs.) in January using an app and several water containers until I found one that works well for me – big straw, easy to clean and holds 24oz.
  • Budgeting my shakeology – it’s not cheap, yet built into the food budget it, it is manageable.  That was my goal in February.
  • Joining an accountability group, with daily checkins – I also use my Toni on Instagram now for my own motivation.
  • My main motivation to get going was not to worry about my weight yet to FEEL BETTER.  I was tired of my back, knees hurting and becoming winded going up/down stairs.
  • Started off slow with working out and seeing what time was the best for me to follow through – I wanted to do it after work, yet I was drained from the day’s activities already, I wasn’t motivated to follow through.  Another thing I learned this past weekend, I have to get up even on my days off to work out otherwise my whole day is out of sync.
  • Started in March with daily workouts, set a morning time (6:45am) and give it 30 minutes!
  • Learning I can push myself and not use the modifier workout gal, Kat.

I have to admit, pounds are NOT falling off because I’m still not all IN.  Yet, I have seen inches off my measurements and my clothes do fit differently, I do not get winded and my knees/back are totally pain free.

It’s now April – – 14 months since I truly got invested in this and I feel motivated, slimmer, confident and successful.  You do not have to rush or commit all in – – especially us who are resistant to changes.  Taking one step managing it fully for 3-4 weeks then adding another step.

I have set some long term goals now and plan to lose 50lbs by end of 2016, yet it’s taking the first step in daily routines that has this journey if full swing.

If you are interested, I would love to help you as well start you journey, it’s never too late to get started.

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