Sunday Grateful Thoughts

I’m grateful for adventures and new life journeys and new chapters.  I’m heading to Florida tomorrow with mixed emotions.  My dear friend Stacie, has fulfilled one of her dreams to move, work and live in England.  I’m so excited for her, but it saddens me at the same time the next time I visit Florida, she won’t be there.

I’m grateful for this new adventure for our friendship and knowing all we have been through in the first 10 years of our friendship will have prepared us for this new long(er) distance relationship.

We met online and then in person 10 years ago this coming week – kinda fitting that we’ll be spending the week together as she prepares for her next chapter in life.

While all my friendships are important and valuable, this one has taken the most beating and most growing as two people can go through without being family – – though we are very much sisters at heart.
I know we’ll make the time and effort to continue to communicate and visit each other and knowing she is always a part of my life is one of many things I’m grateful for this Sunday.

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