Monday Mumbles…

Halloween is a week away and I have done some sewing that reflects my favorite holiday celebration.  I took my Pumpkin Grins by Quilt In A Day and enlarged it to about 45″ – – I’m working on the binding which will be a scalloped edging:

I think I need to resize the mouth a bit more, but he’s good enough for us.

I also taught a class for the Braid Runner and one of my friends missed the class but wanted a runner for her kitchen table.  This was the first time I enlarge one of these runners (this is my MOST favorite pattern/gift).  I add 3 extra braids – the picture doesn’t do it justice:

And I totally forgot to mail out my Let’s Bee Together block swap (being it was my month to mail), so all 11 blocks are in the mail today and hopefully will come back to me looking like this:

It will be fun putting those together.  I’ve made up enough for about 12 more blocks.  This was a great way to use my stash for a new project.  Now if I can find time and more uses for my stash I would be happy!

Sunday Grateful Thoughts

I love Fall, don’t you?  Sure, there’s the allergies, mold, crazy change in the weather – but I think the scents, colors, sounds and the flavors that come with the changing of this season out weigh all those “nasty” things.

I’m grateful for the changing of seasons and how each time it comes how I take time to evaluate how the seasons effect me.

I’m grateful for pumpkin patches and the day spent with family.
I’m grateful for the shorter days, cool nights and warm toasty quilts.
I’m grateful for the seasonal treats with pumpkins and apples.
I’m grateful for the ever changing scenery and the sounds of the falling leaves.
I’m grateful for the smell of damp leaves and wood pit fires that linger in the neighborhood.

What are you grateful for this Fall?

Block of the Months…who knew?

I’m so behind on my BOM’s I focus last Friday to catch up and finish off a few.  I cut out 10 blocks and began to sew, sew, sew…..

I finished all 12 of my Mystery Christmas Blocks, now to finish up the stashing and borders, which I did purchase from the FQ Shop as well.  I have SOOO much left over, I have to say this is the BEST BOM I’ve ever participated in.  I could make 12 more blocks easily!

 And I finished my second block in my latest program, so now I’m only 2 month behind.  It’s another Tonga program called Rhapsody.

 Now I’m working on something new, of course.

A little sewing here and there….

FINALLY, FINALLY feel comfortable in my new sewing studio and been working on several projects to get out the door…and a few just for fun….

For my “Let’s Be Together” sewing block swap:

For the shop:

And for me:

Now working on more new class samples….never ending story 🙂

Monday Morning…..

Still catching up on things and unpacking is almost complete!!  Yet, I found time this past weekend to do some sewing in my new studio.

From my guild we are doing a block swap, where the owner of the blocks prepares little fabric kits for us to make up.  I did two of these funky stars for her.  You can see the tutorial of this design here.

I also did another Let’s Be Together Block, but will show it off later this week – and I finished my latest class sample for the Braid Table Runner.  I had fun doing this and this pattern is GREAT—-completed it entirely in one afternoon, and hand binding in the evening watching tv!  It’s a great gift!

I’m off to work and cruising by end of the week!

The Final Week in July. . . .the big move!

So, last week was the official move from an apartment to a large house!  While we are all moved out, we are still a little ways from moving in 🙂  Realizing we just have too much and weeding it down is time consuming.  That includes my sewing stuff.  Hoping for a little relief this weekend.

I could show pictures of my studio now, but it’s not quite ready or organize to do so.  But I can show some of the things I have sew in between the few spare minutes of “me” time over the past month.

First, my finish challenge for my Modern Quilt Guild….ok, let me state just the top is complete.  We had to use ALL 40 charms in a Kona Classic charm pack and allowing for only one other fabric to work with.  Well, loving that tasseling new notion, I used it – it will work out perfectly as a bed runner:

Then, I’ve done several blocks for my Let’s Be Together group:

And finished sewing 2 valances, one for our main bathroom and one for my kitchen….the crabs are gray/blue, that’s the theme for the kitchen and the lighthouses/beach is the theme for the bathroom:

And that is about it….we are pretty much caught up….I also received my August towel from Jeanette:
I’m hoping to get more of my studio organized and finish up some class samples this weekend.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

3rd Week in July

This has definitely been a “work” month for me.  I have worked more hours then ever before and got to travel to Bernina University in San Antonio Texas for this week.  I accompanied my two bosses and one co-worker on this 18 hour drive from Knoxville.  We enjoyed some cajan food at Prejeans in Louisiana and of course have some great Mexican food in San Antonio.  I last visited San Antonio back in 08 for a Viking convention (at the same hotel even) and not much had change….granted the previous time I was in SA was way back in 1990.  I do love San Antonio.

Here’s my photos from week 3:

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Second Week in July

Sunday, July 10th, my small sewing bee hosted it’s first “official” sew-in in the back of Noodles & Company restaurant.  Now it still amazes me they allowed us free use of this back room and with 9 ladies and their various sizes of sewing machines!  We had a great time, good food and were productive.  Granted we discovered we need more space for ironing boards and elbow room.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

The last 2 pictures, one is my block of my newest BOM from Tonga Batiks and the other is my towels I sent out for this month’s swap.

This was the perfect way to take time for me – – because when Tuesday hit that week, I knew I would be non-stop between working, traveling and moving.

I worked at the shop from Tuesday through Thursday and then on Friday, I worked our booth from the shop at the AQS Quilt Show in Knoxville.  I really do love large shows, the variety in quilts and vendors always makes me happy.  I felt a little disjointed with seeing the show as I was working the booth (and sold a machine as well), but I feel I got to see what I needed to enjoy.

Here are some of the beautiful works I saw, not to mention Kathy & Evelyn who work with me at the shop and Tina and Vanna, my friends.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Whew….we are now half way through the month….tomorrow’s will be wordless and pick back up with my adventures in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday – – are you keeping up?


First Week In July

As I went through my plathera of pictures for July, I thought the easiest way to share them was by weeks.

Let’s start way back on July 1st…man that was awhile ago and seems like AGES!  My wonderful son, Allen and my future daughter in law, Fallon drove from Philly to Tennessee to spend the 4th of July weekend with us!  Oh and Linguine too (my grandpuppy).  We watched fireworks and spent a touristy day up in Gatlinburg enjoying the Hillside Winery and Hard Rock Cafe.  Also got to take a ride in a gondola.

Of course the time flew soo fast and it seemed harder this time to say good bye – I just wish they were all closest.  Here’s our week in pictures.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.