Half The Year Through

It seems the past 2 summers, I find myself reviewing my goals in July.  Mainly because I don’t think my goals are moving forward.  I see where I have struggled and battles long periods of depression and self doubt.

As this July moves through it’s time, I see again what has changed from last year and what I would like to change to move forward.

I’m joining again The Reset Girl’s – Reset Summer Camp as well, to help me create self care needs and focus on future plans.  I still have a lot of stuff from last year’s camp to use.

The timing is good with changes happening in my businesses (my quilt/yarn shop and essential oils).   I have read several books over the past few months to make changes in my patterns of depression.  I recommend The Depression Cure and Trim Healthy Mama books.

Right now, I’m rambling – not sure what to share or how to share my thoughts.  I hope as this month goes along and I review areas of my life for change, sharing will become more constructive and easier.

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