Freedom Week #1

Freeing things I’ve accomplished in this first week of 2018:

  • Clearing out my studio: slowly.  I’m been going through everything and evaluating the need, the long term use of each item.  Looks like I’ll be hosting a Swap Meet at the shop to get rid of a lot of supplies.
  • Digital clearing out: Deleting thousands of emails and unsubscribing to lots of newsletters.  Removing a lot of acquaintances, and liked items on facebook, pinterest, and instagram.
  • Menu planning: small, yet huge step to actually talk to the hubby and get his input to plan meals when I work late he is willing to make.  This will save us tons of money!
  • You Need A Budget App: another small step to daily check the bank account and fill out a budget.  It’s not perfect, yet I’m checking it daily and reconciling.  I feel very empowered.

Goals for week #2

  • Tackling my office desk
  • Managing next 6 months of marketing and classes.


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