31 Days of Personal Exploration – Day 2


Day 2

I’m trying to get everything set up with this challenge – graphics, linky link, permalink ….so much to catch up.  Yet, I’m doing my day 2 post.


Today is a reflection of a few books I’ve picked up this past year to help me in several areas of my life – my business, my spiritual and personal life.

It’s funny, because of ease I originally downloaded all these books on my Audible account, then realized it would benefit me more to have the paper versions to highlight and take notes more effectively.

I also realize I can enjoy a book much faster while reading and listening at the same time!  This is huge for me personally.  I’m a slow reader and tend to avoid reading because of the time consuming process.

I pick up at the sale rack in Books A Million last week my latest book: The Customer Rules.  This is the only one I don’t have an Audible version.  That will change later this week.

The point of exploration for me is this:  Audible + Paper Book = Successful reading and learning  While I might be paying twice as much for books (Amazon’s used books pricing makes this work though), the point of success in reading and learning new concepts to run my life is a big win for me.

Now to apply these new concepts, that is the next step of exploration.

31 Day Writing Challenge


One of the many elements I really want to accomplish this year is to have a blog and use it – write in it.  Share my thoughts and ideas to inspire others.  Yet, it hasn’t been a priority.  So, as normal, I discover a tool a bit late and jump on board.

While reading my friends blog, The House of Traquair, she mentioned this challenge: Write 31 Days.  This intrigued me and I thought maybe this will help me focus on making my blog a better extension of me, aka Just Toni.

Now the challenge asks you to focus on one category.  That is hard for me – my life is made up of a large variety of “categories”.  Looking at the list they want you to choose from I’m going to go with Personal Endeavors.

Looking up the word endeavors as a noun:an attempt to achieve a goal.  This is perfect!

My first personal endeavor is to write daily (or more often) in my blog.

As I go through this month long writing challenge, I’ll share a new or recently established endeavor.

**Disclaimer: I am not a professional (or even a causal) writer – I use poor grammar and if it wasn’t for auto-correct my spelling would scare you too.  Please respect my blog and don’t correct me.  It will be a waste of your time and I will remove the comment.  Thank you for reading.