31 Day Writing Challenge


One of the many elements I really want to accomplish this year is to have a blog and use it – write in it.  Share my thoughts and ideas to inspire others.  Yet, it hasn’t been a priority.  So, as normal, I discover a tool a bit late and jump on board.

While reading my friends blog, The House of Traquair, she mentioned this challenge: Write 31 Days.  This intrigued me and I thought maybe this will help me focus on making my blog a better extension of me, aka Just Toni.

Now the challenge asks you to focus on one category.  That is hard for me – my life is made up of a large variety of “categories”.  Looking at the list they want you to choose from I’m going to go with Personal Endeavors.

Looking up the word endeavors as a noun:an attempt to achieve a goal.  This is perfect!

My first personal endeavor is to write daily (or more often) in my blog.

As I go through this month long writing challenge, I’ll share a new or recently established endeavor.

**Disclaimer: I am not a professional (or even a causal) writer – I use poor grammar and if it wasn’t for auto-correct my spelling would scare you too.  Please respect my blog and don’t correct me.  It will be a waste of your time and I will remove the comment.  Thank you for reading.

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