Month: November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I need to take a few minutes to give thanks, more so this year in these struggling times.  I want to thank everyone who has created a friendship with me through the internet.  Thank you for your silliness, your kind

Keep trying, Toni…..

I have tried to write a post since Friday and get distracted and have like 3 drafts in my account!  Well, let’s see if I can get this one published?  Of course now I have TONS of pictures to share….

You have been honored with an award….

Molly from Molly’s Place has given me an award.  Thank you again Molly, I feel very honored. To see all my awards, click on my awards page link above. Now for me to pass it on to my favorite blogs

Hello cold….

just a little note to say I was right, snow before Thanksgiving this year….not a flurry, but huge snowflakes!!  It was pretty driving through it last night. I’m home and waking up this morning was really rough…ok, it’s still rough,

It’s travel day!!!

I’m heading to the Pieceful Cottage on Maryland’s eastern shore this morning for a 4 day retreat with 5 other gals.  We are all very excited.  Most have not done this before and are a little apprehensive of what to


I have a day off!!!  YAH!!  🙂  Granted it’s packed with errands to do to prepare for this weekend. I did make it to guild last night and we had a wonderful speaker who is an excellent story teller.  Ladies

Picture pages, picture pages….

Time to get your Picture Pages,Time to get your crayons and your pencils…”…..ya’l remember that right? Well, it was a sllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww day at work.  Which is a good thing, but it seems when it’s slow you are bored and can’t

I’m soo beat…

and I have to work 2 more days in a row before I get an all day break.  I don’t do too well with working too many days in a row.  At least I have some down time to look


I have to admit I’m impressed by the 131 million people who went out and voted, that is amazing, almost 50% of the population – can you believe that?  I’m glad this is over for another 4 years.  Now it’s


I’m not kind on talking politics or even sharing my thoughts, the simple fact is you need to vote!  It seems we only have one true freedom left and that is the right to vote. And for added fun, there’s