Month: April 2008

What a day!

Well it started off right, picking a winner of my Earth-Birthday Offer (which went into the mail today!).  Then I arrive a wee bit too early for my quilt pick up and had a Starbucks. Met Ms. Penny at 10am

lots to post and share….and pick a winner…

but in a rush this morning, but it’s the day to pick a winner from my earth-birthday offering.  And using a wonderful number generator, the winning number is…..17, so Pat look for my email! I’m almost done with Part 3

One swap down…2 more to go…

I’m surprised to find out my Spring Four Season Quilt has already arrived to it’s new home! So, I can show off the full pictures now..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I just realized when I created the “tease” image a few days ago, I cropped


ya’l expect a post from me daily? LOL  It humored me when my friend asked so what did you do yesterday, there was not post from you 🙂  Welllllll….I finished my Orange Crush Part 2, still need to iron them

There’s something to say…

about a day spent with a good friend, good sewing, good shopping, good comfort food and trying to fix someone else’s computer…. priceless. The day started off with hitting the post office to mail out LOTs of things…$29 later. Then

I was behind….

wowsers…I slacked over 3 days replying to comments….epp!!  So, I have gone through all my comments and added my 2 cents in bold–if you are curious to what I might have to say 🙂  Dunno if I’ll go through all

Ooo giveaways….

Pat Sloan is having a giveaway…she needs/desires 500 comments though–talk about goals!  So, I’m helping her along with that goal (and my own chances to win something from her 🙂 ). First, here’s my new purse made by the wonderful

Back to work….

tonite is Embroidery Club night. We are doing appliqué with Dalco products-should be fun! I finished my Spring 4 Season Swap piece–taking it for show and tell tonite, but will be in the mail tomorrow! Also have several other things

Free Quilt Top Anyone?

Not from me….yet, but doing some light websurfing and found this interesting lady: To enter into her next free top drawing, click here. And you must read her page on her stash….I’m awstuck on how much there is. I

Wordless Wednesday

Flowers from my garden. visit wordless wednesday