Month: March 2008

Yah for a very productive day….

HOLY MOLY!! 9 MORE BINDINGS…totalling 14 in all for the week and all the backings….I have 14 projects with tops/backing/bindings all in place!! Next step is to cut the batting for each (which I have on hand) — I feel


Wow, apparently I’ve been holding out….lots of fun pictures! First non-quilty pictures and involves animals….meet Mr. Robin. He is one of many robins who have arrived this spring in my yard fighting for a mate and dominance in the yard.

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And so it’s the weekend…

and I can’t believe all I’ve done this week and I still have the weekend to play! Ya’l know I am still on the binding/backing kick – I had to put them aside for the past 2 nights so I

It’s a go…

All details are here for the miniature quilt swap: Hurry, hurry……..

Poopers Beans….

I totally missed the Doll Swap III sign ups…they really cut back on the number this year, down to 50.  I’m soooooooooo bummed.  It was my first swap on blogland where I created an entire mini quilt for a stranger. 

Have you ever…..

been quilting along and finished quilting and all ready to complete your quilt with binding, to discover you haven’t prepared “said” binding? UGH! Well, I’ve done this not once, but many times. I get gleeful with excitment thinking I’m almost

Just for Mark. . .

I have a lot to share in photos, but wanted to post this one just for Mark Lipinski. Mark, I hope your little wonderful computer program, hears your name….Mark Lipinski 🙂 It was actually suggested from a customer to share

Proud mama….

I did also make that quick trip to Philly Thusday night to see my son walk across the stage again and receive a college degree!!  1 down and 3 to go!!  Here’s Allen and his girlfriend Fallon: I have more

Did you miss me?

It seems like forever without internet access…..haven’t been online since Thursday, mid-day til this morning and my inbox showed it!!! Well, I didn’t accomplish my 3 projects on my weekend get away, but I did make one pillow case and

Picture pages..

finished all 5 of my blocks for this month’s project.  Had to manipulate the paper piecing pattern because of the flag going the wrong way, but all in all pretty easy to do at 9″. I’m still working on the