Month: December 2007

My Challenge Answers

I hope to see many of your own answers to my challenge. But for now here are mine: 1. I have 2 slide shows, one to show off my completed projects and second one to prove I do make large

Curiosity and a Challenge for you….

I’m in the process of reviewing all my hard quilty work in 2007 and I’m curious how hard did you work? So, I’m offering free stuff to one lucky winner. Here’s the challenge: Starting TOMORROW create a blog post with

Quilty Stuff!!

First a very BIG HUGE thank you to my SSCS partner….who ever she may be in the Netherlands….still no clue who it is. This is what she made just for me: And I have been sewing a little bit and

Seasons Greetings….

from my family to yours… Micheal, Brianna, Allen and Kendra

Mail stuff….

I keep meaning to and forget, so doing it now before I forget AGAIN! 😀 First, a few weeks ago I received a wonderful package from my Secret Santa Christmas Swap – I have NO CLUE who it is (they

I’m still around….

but haven’t had time to read up on blogs and other favorite internet spots. While I’m missing all the good and wonderful things everyone is doing, I’m taking care of December stuff. I have sewn several holiday gifts and a

Life is moving at a crazy speed….

yah for holidays and self imposed expectations…..le sigh. Anywho, I’m way behind on reading blogs…need to downsize seriously. I’m behind on taking care of this blog as well…Manic Mondays and mailings behind as well…. I’ll catch up, just need some