Month: November 2007

Manic Monday Offerings. . . .coming

I completely forgot. Sorry folks. I’ll post them later today when I get home! I jsut got sewing crazy I forgot to post freebies!!!

wait one more…..

that I whipped up just now before work as the kids were going out the door (also sewn the binding on the other one-just need to do the hand part)….. This one is about 1/3 smaller than the one I

more pictures….

I got two more things off my list…. first my Civil War Club project for January. I designed this using 3 of the blocks from the book Civil War Love Letters. Done – completely!!! And a quilt as your go

Picture pages. . .

Ok, I honestly have been sewing over the few weeks an I have finished several things… Finally, sharing my picture of my pumpkin block (that I had to redo twice). This was done for a mini swap group. I did


Happy Turkey Day

If you celebrate Thanksgiving today, I hope your day was fill with good food, good family & friends, and many blessings. Our turkey was sooo yummy…..

Stash busting and other random thoughts

I’ve read Judy’s blog and seen many others making hard efforts to busting their stash. As I ponder what more could I possibly do, I’m amazed to realized I have cut not only my stash down in size, but my

Mailing day. . .

ok was yesterday, but I almost caught up on everyone’s packages. Mail went out yesterday to the following folks: Cathi (via Oregon)Kim in HIKim in NJRose in NEJeanne in CAJeanne in MiJennifer in ORVirginia in PAMay Britt in Norway YAH!!!

a meme kinda thing…

I don’t get tag too often, so when Not Lucy (aka Alicia) tagged me, I figured I better play along! 😀 1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?Myself, because I do silly things! 2. What were you

Holiday Cards?

If you would enjoy a holiday card from me, please feel free to email me your snail address, with the subject line “Holiday Card, please” to sunflwgal at gmail dot com. Thanks! Happy Holidays!