Month: September 2007

I have to confess…..

I have only sewn about 1/2 of a dear jane block in the past 3 weeks. I’m so dumbfounded?! And I’m so slacking on pretty quilting pictures lately as well….well, unless you consider my Manic Monday offerings 😀 So, I’m

Manic Monday – a day late

Previous winners (including this week’s) note: I’m mailing out all your winnings tomorrow, so expect a weird package from Maryland over the next week!! Here are last week’s winners: chook – winner of the Bible Blocksswooze – winner of the

Don’t fret…

I’ll do the Manic Monday posting tomorrow morning….just been a very busy and and I have things to do this evening…..keep your eyes on this spot tomorrow!!! 😀 Thanks!

Happy Fall!!

It’s officially fall/autumn! WOOHOO!! My favorite time of year…off to make something with a pumpkin in it…I’m itching to be a sewing!!

opinions, please….

I’m considering moving my blog to wordpress…..why? I thought it’s easier for folks to leave comments, easier to manipulate the layout and add other webpages as part of the blog (like about me, my entire blog roll call list, gallery,

Quilting News….

first, I’m very surprised that I didn’t read this sooner or that any other quilter might have mentioned this, but Laurel Burch died on September 13. Very sad news for the quilt world. Read more here: and her website:

Friday Five

Share in your blog or in comments here. . . This week’s theme is unusual, and might not be to everyone’s taste is doing: State of Mind 1. Do you find times where you just don’t feel “into quilting”?2. Is

I received some awards. . .

I did this swap at swap-bot where folks rate your blog (and I rated 3) and I received TWO gold and a silver star award! Need to add them to my layout somehow.

one of my favorite days of the year. . .

this might be a bit difficult t’ read or understand, but if ye put yer swashbuckler hats on, ye might jus’ get ‘t! `Tis another tide off an’ I be about t’ take th’ plunge into some projects. I be

who am I again?

The past week has been a whirl-wind experience…between traveling for Viking Machine training, to getting in quality time with the family, I have had a hard time catching up on things just for me. Hoping this week I can do