Month: August 2007

Catch up with lots of pictures….

where to start…I haven’t posted my past few weeks of work, so playing a little catch up here… First I started creating a halloween wall hanging using Linderella’s patterns, Bat Magic & Kool Kats. My goal is to have 2

I’ve been tagged…..

which doesn’t happened too often, so I’m tickled to be obligated!! Today I’ve been tagged by one of my newest blogs to read (met her through swap-bot) at Littlewanda Crafts. The Rules are: link to the person who tags you

Friday Five

This week’s theme: Computering Don’t forget to share you answers here and in your own blog! 😀 1. Do you own/use any computer programs just for quilting?2. Which ones?3. Do you use the internet for tutorials?4. What other communities do


How many do you do at a time? Do you set yourself a limit? When you do swaps is your goal to use stuff you have on hand or spend money to get more stuff? Do you prefer swaps that


what I whipped up this morning before work…using 5″ charm pack finished this little top and am working on the backing and quilting right now. I hope to finish it tonite or tomorrow and work on something for me!!

I love getting mail!!

That is why I have signed up for swaps – I just love getting fun mail verses another credit card applications & bills…. So, I joined a few swaps over at and have had some wonderful partners mail me

Friday Five

Share you answers here, or post them in your own blog. Today’s theme is randomness. 1. Have you ever done any redwork (machine or by hand)?2. Do you measure your finished rows to be sure they are the proper length?3.

More sewing. . .

I did finally finish the last two rows for my row swap. Again, this is the kitties done in any color: And this requester wanted batik fabrics in flower blocks with medium/light backgrounds. This one was the hardest one for

A few of my favorite things. . . .

I figured it was a good idea to do a more detailed kinda post about my likes, dislikes and other info, especially being I sign up for swaps and it would help others in creating fun things for me! So,

Stars Around the Garden

Here’s my progress on this BOM that our shop is hosting (and I’m the hostess). There are 2 blocks per month. The first month’s on the on the bottom, second month is the middles set and the current month are