Month: July 2007

I’ve done some quilty stuff….

just a quickie really….using a pattern that I think Niki posted in her blog several weeks ago. I increased the size from 9 1/2″ to 12 1/2″ though to work with this Halloween panel. Only to me 2 hours to

Pay It Forward & Four Season Quilt Swap…

first…I did the Pay It Forward several weeks ago and only got one person interested….I’m sure someone out there really wants a freebie gift from me…so please comment and I’ll add you to my UFO list 😀 Second, just joined

I still have a job. . .

I think!? Yesterday went smoothly, though we were 8 cents short in the drawer, it happens when more that 2 people use the register. My miter corners for border prints lesson was a bust….I have to rip off the border

“the key”

I am a proud owner of a key. Not just any key, but a very special key that allows me to enter a place of fabric at any time. . . even at 2 am if I so desire….. not

Friday Five

Share you answers here in the comments or in your own blog! This week’s theme is: Borders. 1. Do you find borders challenging?2. Have you ever miter your borders?3. Have you ever used a border print?4. Have you ever used

I’m alive still….I swear….

The past week it’s been a blur of traveling, excitement, and fun! I haven’t done too much quilty related, but did attend a class last Monday and missed the second part last night. Reminds me I need to bring my


Here are pictures of completed UFO’s!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! Ok, I still need labels (technically) on a few, but that’s easy stuff. First, my Doll Swap Quilt (didn’t make it out the door today, but will be in the mail tomorrow)

Friday Five

Normally, when I do these I can easily pick a theme based on my quilting projects throughout the week. This week I’m actually pretty clueless to a theme. Oh wait, I got one! This week’s theme: Color Choices 1. Do


I’m in a binding kinda frame of mind! I finished binding on my Doll Swap (will be mailed tomorrow) and on my Wave The Colors. I also found a project that I haven’t finish 2 sides of the binding and

Stitchery Swap

If you are interested, over at the Coffee Time Quilter’s blog, she is hosting a Stitchery Swap. Go to bottom of her post to see details. Being I don’t enjoy hand work, she is allowing redwork/bluework done with embroidery machines!